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Here you will find classic Minis
we have worked on. Be it a full
restoration, accident damage,
replacement panels, or fitting
larger wheels and arches...

Click on an image for more
pictures and details.
tmp_classic0010114.jpg tmp_classic0010111.jpg tmp_classic0010109.jpg tmp_classic0010108.jpg tmp_classic0010106.jpg tmp_classic0010104.jpg
1980 Big Build
Front End Damage
Door Skins and A Panels
MkII Remedial Work
Full Rebuild
tmp_classic0010102.jpg tmp_classic0010100.jpg tmp_classic001098.jpg
Equinox Rebuild
Monte Carlo Rebuild
tmp_classic001096.jpg tmp_classic001094.jpg tmp_classic001092.jpg
Sprite Build
Stainless Exhaust
Retro Build
tmp_classic001090.jpg tmp_classic001088.jpg tmp_classic001086.jpg
Windscreen Surround
Paul Smith Rebuild
tmp_classic001084.jpg tmp_classic001082.jpg tmp_classic001080.jpg
Sills and more..
Engine Rebuild
Panels and Paint
tmp_classic001078.jpg tmp_classic001076.jpg underseal.jpg
Front End Panels..
Under Body Protection
Brake Upgrade
tmp_classic001073.jpg tmp_classic001071.jpg tmp_classic001069.jpg
Full Metal Flip Front
Pickup Build
Wheels and Arches
tmp_classic001067.jpg tmp_classic001065.jpg tmp_classic001064.jpg
Two Stage Repairs..
Brakes and Wheels
tmp_classic001062.jpg tmp_classic001060.jpg tmp_classic001058.jpg
White to Black..
Extensive work..
Wheels and Arches
tmp_classic001056.jpg tmp_classic001054.jpg tmp_classic001052.jpg
A Panel
Cabrio Restoration
Front End Replaced
Front End Damage
tmp_classic001048.jpg tmp_classic001046.jpg
Full Rebuild
tmp_classic001044.jpg tmp_classic001042.jpg
In The Spot Light
Cooper Restoration
tmp_classic001040.jpg tmp_classic001038.jpg
Accident Repair
Front Subframe
tmp_classic001036.jpg tmp_classic001034.jpg
Replacement Panels
Minor Repairs..
tmp_classic001032.jpg tmp_classic001030.jpg
Rear Wheel Arch
Front End Replaced
tmp_classic001028.jpg tmp_classic001026.jpg
Front End and More..
Panel Replacement
tmp_classic001024.jpg tmp_classic001022.jpg
Rear End Damage
Front End Replaced
tmp_classic001020.jpg tmp_classic001018.jpg
Wheels and Arches
Wing and Scuttle repair
tmp_classic001016.jpg tmp_classic001014.jpg
Doorpost Backing Panels
Awkward Wings
Front End Replaced
tmp_classic001010.jpg tmp_classic001008.jpg
Mini Van Project
Ice Cream Van Project
Mini Van Restoration
Diff Explosion
Wheels and Arches